Editorials & Features.

Journalism, with a Focus on People & Places.

I love picking up the pen and going into journo-mode. Having studied both an undergraduate degree in public relations and postgraduate in journalism, I understand both sides of the coin.

Stories that capture the essence of people and places grab me, specifically in the travel, lifestyle and cultural space, in print and online. I’m a regular contributor to the travel section of News.com.au – having curated stories for brands like Royal Caribbean, Japan Tourism, South Australian Tourism Commission, Body + Soul, eBay and Telstra.

Enjoying close relationships with a number of Adelaide brands, I often get requests to fill gaps in corporate magazines and publications. I’ve done work for Haircare Australia’s industry magazine, National Pharmacies Wonder Magazine and Hong Kong’s Mix Meetings magazine, amongst others.

Small to medium-sized companies often don’t have journalists in-house. This is where I can come in. You might also like to submit advertorial pieces and press releases to media outlets. While the journalist will usually take the essence of your information to craft their angle, your message might not get across.

I can work with you to write the media release or advertorial draft, so the chances of it being picked up are greater. And when it does, your brand message will also be front and centre.

Freelance Journalist, Adelaide & Globally.

As a trained journalist, I’m always ready to pick up the phone to step up to the scene for a good story. I understand journalistic principles and how to write stories that engage, entertain and educate.

If you’re looking for a freelance journalist to tell your story with integrity, I can help with:

  • Travel stories
  • News articles
  • Feature stories
  • Brand journalism
  • Sponsored content
  • Reviews
  • Profile pieces.

I’m happy to chat about one-off pieces or regular columns.


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