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Journalist, Copywriter, Creative Writer & Author.

I’m a freelance journalist, copywriter, creative writer and soon-to-be self-published author. I write conversational, humanised content for a variety of PR, marketing and advertising agencies, as well as editorials and feature stories for magazines, news platforms, websites, and blogs.

I’ve had the honour to work with over 120 clients in Adelaide, interstate and globally. Some of my clients include News.com.au, Google Trips, Broadsheet, South Australian Tourism Commission, Royal Caribbean, TedX, Haircare Australia, Nerium International, National Pharmacies and Scott Salisbury Homes.

My work spans print and online. Whether you’re looking for a one-off article, fresh web content, or you’d prefer me as your resident writer, I’m flexible. Plus, with me, you also have an Editor. This service is included in my price, so there’s always an extra set of eyes to help polish those words.

Oh… and Travel Writer.

My affinity for people and places sparked my side project, Loco Travel Magazine. This personal, artistic pursuit took flight after a two-year pilgrimage, travelling the world. Loco is a narrative-driven storytelling blog, print series, and my first book, The Inner Fire.

Represented by Media-Connect in New York, The Inner Fire is an exploration of the phoenix cycle experienced by all travellers. That is, new experiences growing into great joy, fading into absence, grief, and then rising, renewed. Western society teaches us that loss equates grief. Travelling teaches us that the Little Grief is everywhere; that this grief isn’t about experiencing a death of some part of us.

I share my story, about two years living in this phoenix cycle. Peppered with the lives and memories of others who have experienced life-changing shifts, I take readers on a journey: An emotional ride through some of life’s deepest, often unexpected, feelings.

My affinity for people and places comes across in my writing – whether it’s telling a brand’s story through a brochure, interviewing a subject for a topical piece or taking reader’s on a journey with my travels.

Although I’ve been to 60+ countries and spend time living in New York to further my writing pursuits, Adelaide is, and always will be, home.

I’m a trained journalist and copywriter, with a background in marketing and public relations. I’m also a proud member of the SA Writers Centre and the Media Entertainment Arts Alliance – the Australian industry body representing freelance journalists.

Amanda Smith

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