The Inner Fire

The Inner Fire is an exploration of the phoenix cycle experienced by all travellers: New experiences growing into great joy, then fading, absence, grief, and back into something new.

Travelling teaches us that the Little Grief is everywhere; that this grief is about experiencing a death of some part of us… a spark of something new.

In Inner Fire, Amanda tells her story about three years living in this phoenix cycle. Peppered with the lives and experiences of others who have experienced life-changing shifts, this book takes you on a journey: An emotional ride through some of life’s deepest, sometimes unexpected, feelings.

Part narrative, part self-help, The Inner Fire explores both psychological and spiritual insights, with frameworks created from personal experience.

But… this isn’t a book about travel. The Inner Fire is a testament to the human experience

The twists and turns, and identity-wrestling situations in life that serve as a mirror to shed, grow and rise up… into an evolved new you.

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